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In our technology-enabled world, smart chips increasingly power solutions across many industries and use cases. At Novoflex, we are passionate about providing high quality and proven solutions to meet evolving client needs.

Innovative Bank and Payment Cards

It is challenging for card issuers to differentiate their offerings through rewards and rates.  Increasingly, marketing now drives cardholder affinity and engagement, and ultimately wallet preference.

Novoflex provides a unique and powerful solution for issuers. By enabling custom EMV/smart chip shapes and designs, we enable issuers to market more effectively, stand out from the competition, and enhance card portfolio ROI.

Use Case No. 1:  Branding

Bring your brand promise to life by integrating your logo or brand imagery into the EMV smart chip module shape.

Use Case No. 2:  Co-Branding

Launch a co-branded card for a merchant partner by integrating their logo or value proposition into the EMV smart chip module shape.

Use Case No. 3:  Affinity Platform

Cardholders are passionate about their interests and hobbies. Turn that engagement into usage preference with integrated card designs featuring custom chip shapes.

Use Case No. 4: Biometrics

As issuers in Chip-and-Pin markets increasingly adopt innovations that enhance convenience and security, leading Biometric providers rely on Novoflex to power their solutions.

RFID and Technology Applications

Our comprehensive technologies also support the diverse needs of today’s intelligent and connected world, from a myriad of RFID applications in retail to other industries.

Use Case No. 1:  Identification

Whether it’s national IDs, employee IDs, facility IDs, or e-Passports, smart chip technology enables secure digital identity solutions that deter fraud with options for integrating biometric, payment, and other applications.

Use Case No. 2: Shipping & Transportation

As supply chain management and smart city initiatives become more important, smart chip technology powers RFID solutions ranging from high-value cross-border shipments, to toll tags, and even tracking of laundry.

Use Case No. 3:  Retail

Smart chip-based RFID solutions support retailer product tracking, such as jewelry tags, anti-forgery document tags, and numerous product provenance use cases.


Novoflex provides a full range of high-value SIM™ card solutions, such as standard, or flip-chip SIM™, at scale to meet the needs of global telecom providers.

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