Global Scale

500M+ Bankcard Chip (IC) Modules in 70+ Countries

Proprietary Technology

Innovative SAiL™ custom chip designs for bankcards

Primed for Growth

NTCP Adds New Investment, Industry Veteran Rob Chen Joins as Executive Chairman

Innovative Solutions

Proven Scale: 500M+ EMV Bankcard Chip Modules Annually

Need standard or custom-shaped EMV chip modules for bankcards? Need contact or contactless solutions? Novoflex has industry-leading technology and solutions. We are also certified to meet security and quality requirements of leading payment brands like MasterCard and Visa.


About Us

Novoflex is a global provider of innovative smartcard solutions. We serve banking, payments, and other technology markets. We are committed to helping our clients achieve a competitive edge by delivering differentiated products to their customers.

Proprietary Technology

Novoflex ships more than 500 million chip modules per year across our full range of solutions. Our patented sAiL™ solution enables custom chip designs to enhance card branding, marketing and security for issuers. Our patented BRAVO™ solution delivers dual interface chip modules with unsurpassed value and proven reliability.


At Novoflex, we believe in the power of partnerships. Together with our global ecosystem of payments and technology partners, we deliver innovative new solutions to help our customers achieve success. Join our partner program today!