Even the chips can be stolen! MegaBank develops “one-piece” credit card to prevent blockage

Scams are prevalent, not only online theft is serious, but there have also been cases where the chips of physical credit cards in hand have been swapped. Mega Bank announced today that it has cooperated with MasterCard to launch an integrated chip credit card to ensure the safety of people using the card. The first wave will be limited to 5,000 pieces. Mega Silver emphasized that the security is better than traditional embedded chips.

A few days ago, some people pointed out that they clearly had the physical card at hand, but they received a card swipe notification from the bank. Upon closer inspection, it turned out that the chip on the credit card had been secretly pried out for subcontracting without anyone noticing. The gangster had already taken the real chip. Stealing everywhere. Mega Bank explained that it will break through the traditional method of fixing the chip on the card by adhesive. During the manufacturing process, the modeling chip will be directly embedded into the card body. Under the “one-piece molding”, the chip structure is relatively stable and cannot be pried away and tampered with. This time, I chose the new version of “e-second swipe”, which is known as the magic card for online shopping, under Mega’s online shopping with no limit on channels and amounts, and up to 4% cash rebate. I am excited about this integrated chip card for the first time.

Mega Bank has been aggressively investing in consumer finance in recent years. Under the leadership of Chen Zhaorong, vice president of the consumer finance business group, the proportion of profit from personal finance has been increasing year by year. This year’s target is expected to reach 26%. In addition to the rapid growth of the credit card business, which is a stepping stone for banks, circulation in the past five years has The number of cards has grown from 890,000 cards in 2019 to 1.14 million cards today, and unlike other public stocks where most of the incoming cards come from bank employees, up to 30% of Mega’s incoming cards are in-house cards, which provides a platform for people’s independence. Apply for a card, and Mega will update the rates first among public banks.

This wave of integrated chip credit cards is limited to 5,000 pieces. In addition to being based on the black bear character  from Taiwan Bar, the chip also echoes the black bear and stone tiger cartoon patterns above, making the card have anti-theft functions. While highlighting the importance of ecological conservation in Taiwan.